Saturday, July 30, 2011

Remember My Sweet Moments

This is the best commercial video...... Romantic moment and music, how sweet!

Will you remember our sweet moments

And cherished them the way i do

How we spent our special moment together

How we used to share it all


Will you, remember me the way

I remember you, will you be the same

The last time i saw you, you are the sweetest

Every moment with you, is the sweetest one :)

you have been in love with your bestfriend. you've been keeping it inside for quite a while now. and when you get together with that person, you would feel a thousand beautiful inside. it sounds cliche, i don't really know. but maybe that story does exist, when you're awfully in all times high when you're with him and it's almost like a natural high and then you lost track of everything. AHAHAHA naon deui, lebay!

but I think it would be so nice when you falling in love with your bestfriend, it's stupidly romantic :)but remember, never falling to deep! noted that!

p/s : best friend can be a lover !

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