Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm still Malay, I'm still Malaysian :)

Moshi Moshi !

Tonight I would like to talk about foreign language. Hurmm. Actually about my English and my other language. FYI, I'm not good in English. But I can speak in English, I know how to use it. I still remember when I was young, I was learning English via Westlife's songs. ( please give a big clap to my "boyfriends" )

When I was in standard 3, I had zero knowledge about English. I just past exam paper because I memorized it. ( Huh, beriya beriya aku menghafal segala kata kata omputih tuh! ) Then, standard 4, I found new strategy on how to learn English. Copying my friend's work until I get caught with my teacher. I copied her essay because I didn't know how to write it. ( Masa tu aku sangat malu sebab kene perli dgn cikgu dalam kelas ) Look, I was stupid girl at that time. 

Actually I was jealous with my classmates. They went to tuition/ English class. Their English were very good. They got high marks in exam. But me, always got B in my English test. And automatically I hate the English teachers especially in my primary school. ( Sorry Teacher )

One day, I bought Westlife VCD at night market. Its cheap! Very very cheap. Ha-ha! From the VCD, I learned English. I memorized the lyrics and checked the meaning of the words. I did it everyday. I listened to English songs everyday and I kept memorized the lyrics. Then I applied the words in my daily life. It worked! But I still got B in my English. I never gave up. I tried harder everyday until I got A in my UPSR. Hello it just in UPSR!

Moving to secondary school made me more interested to learn English. I tried many ways, being friends with other races ( who was good in English ) and read more English book. I read Harry Potter, I read other English novel. ( Actually, I was not chosen in choral speaking, T_T. Its okay Ellina ) I kept listening English songs. I never go to other English class until I was in Form 4. My best friend, Hazi suggested the class to me. And and and, I was very lucky because I got kind English teacher. She was very supportive, very understanding, caring about my English and always gave the English spirit to me. I still remember, in oral test, she said to me you'll be like me one day. Yes! It's true! ( Now, I'm studying at IPG, and InsyaAllah, I 'll be a teacher soon. =). Thanks Teacher Asma. You're my inspiration. And she told me, copying was one way to learn English. ( you see?? ) 

When I was in Form 5, my English teacher, Shima Sensei always put the musics during English class. She always said, learn English with your heart. Its okay when you don't speak well, but at least you try it. Enjoyed when you speak in English. And I became more confident with English. To my tuition teacher too, thanks for the 'English' that you gave to me. I'm really appreciate it. 

To my English teachers, thanks again. I got A1 in my 1119. But, until now, I'm still learning English.

Two years ago. I learned French language, but now, I surrender! I learned French from my friend, Ja'a. He is an English lecturer from UNIKOP and my friend online too. He took French as his second language when he was in the university. And he taught me too. I bought French book, using software, print the note and always chit chat with my friends using French words. I was very lucky because most of my friend learned French as their second language too. I had no problem during learn French. But I don't know what happened to me. I made decision to stop learning French this year. Actually, I can't accept my reason ( too busy with school program ). This is unfair. I took 2 years to learn it and now, I leave it. Its not difficult but I don't know why. I already bought new book ( stage 2 ) and I kept in my room. 

And now, I'm in love with Japanese language. I got the inspiration from K-pop. I do always listening to Kpop songs but I can't follow the lyrics. So when I listened to Japanese version, I was interested. And, I started to learn Japanese by downloading the software from the internet, the book and being friend with Japanese people. Yes, I have a pen pal. One of them was Koto-mi. He always posted Japanese lessons on his Tumblr. Learning Japanese is more easy than learning French. Its true. I also listened to Japanese songs because it easy to catch up the lyrics and the pronunciations. Honestly, I enjoyed this more than French language.

Some people asked me, Why you learned foreign language? 

Its simple.

1. I want to be a translator ( This is my ambition exactly )
2. I hate when I don't understand what actually they ( foreigner ) talk about.
3. I believe, this can help my English too.
4. I can use it anywhere, not only in Japan or French.
5. I can make new friends.
6. I can easily learn about their culture and country.
7. You cannot easily lose

Different people, different way.

Try to update your status in Fb/Twitter by using foreign language. Its interesting! 

p/s : I 'm still using Malay because I'm Malaysian. And this is not broken English because I'm still learn it. =)

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