Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Still puzzled.

Assalamualaikum.... Ola ola...
Seems like long long time I was not here. Busy with the holiday, the books, the marathon of korean drama , the cooking and so on.. Its about one month I became degree housewife. Ha-ha! But I'm enjoyed it. Seriously, I'm not ready to go to school yet. ( I hate when I'm counting the day! )  I'm prefer to cook everyday. I'm very happy when the people finished it! Well I'm not master chief, but I just can cook. =p

I don't know what actually I'm talking about. Just write down the things that crossed in my mind. Oh yea, I got my exam result . Alhamdulillah, my eyes can't stop 'bling bling' . chinca? ( I don't know how to spell it, but its korea's writing - romanji style, meaning trully??? omo! )  Speechless already. I didn't expect it. Honestly, I'm too worry thinking about my result during the holiday. Huh!! Because I was "bubbling" in my exam sheets. But but but.. I knew, Allah helped me. Alhamdulillah. I'll do my best to stay on that stage in this semester. 

Enough bout that. 

Day by day, the time has come and I'm officially forget about it. ( my mouth said like this but in my mind, I want to keep 'this' ) Okay, I admitted it. I have been thinking about it ..... arghhh!!! WHY I CAN'T ERASE 'IT' ????!!!

By the way, this is July. Hey you, welcome back!!!! Finally, you arrived safely! Of course I'm happy! ( but I'm not excited anymore ) I don't know why. Why it happened?? I don't know too. ( I got pieces of puzzle in my mind ) When I read your message today, I just can smile, yes a little bitter smile. Oh, we are not far away. We are so near. Yes very very near. However, I can feel that you're at North pole, and I'm at South pole. This is precautions, not my negative thinking. I'm 22 years old young lady, and I know that I'm matured! Ha-ha. ( my best friend told me, when you turned 22, you must be an adult) Yes, I'm an adult right now. 

Okay, I don't want to take it seriously. Let it go smoothly and I know there's will come out with a good 'product' by helping from the God. I believe it. =)

Now, I have to focus on my action research, my school, my students, my family , my friend. But I still need you as my inspiration. I don't hate you actually. Gomapda...naegyutae wajoseo. ( Thank you , for coming to my side ;) 

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