Wednesday, February 2, 2011

news from Egypt

"Thanks for the wish, I'm safe, Internet is back but its slow, the situation is stable, shops and banks are opening. I'm just worried about the university and my studies. Please pray that it'll be over soon and that we won't have to go back."

"still in Cairo?"

"Yeap still in Cairo."

"No we were protected by Egyptians. Our front door is guarded by them."

"u'll gt evacuated?"

"Yes but not today, the priorities are women, kids, married couple and first-year students. I just wish things would calm down. Not really looking forward for evacuation."

"A'ah cuti kena extend. Kalau balik Malaysia, tiket balik Mesir kena tanggung sendiri. Sebab tu kalau boleh aku taknak balik, sini ok je. Jangan percaya sangat berita, banyak tak betul."

"A'ah cuti setahun katanya, tapi Prof tak confirm lagi. Aku dah tension."

Finally, i got message from my friend in Egypt.Alhamdulillah, g
ood to hear that. Pray that you are safe in this harsh journey and stay alert.

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