Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Sit Here

I sit here all alone and my eyes are flooded with tears
Who is there for me, to express my heart’s fears?

I sit here and wait, for soon, that day will come
When I shall have to answer for everything I have done
I sit here and I wonder what will happen on that day
When our limbs will speak and our tongue will have no say?

I sit here by myself where no body can see me cry
What will I say on that day when one cannot lie?

I sit here and think of my sins that I have committed
And hope that on that day, that they will be omitted

I sit here and my heart feels broken in two
I hope, that on that day, my fears will not be true

I sit here, where Allah sees me from above high
I turn towards Allah, asking for forgiveness, and drawing a sigh!

I sit here whilst my tears flow into my beard
Hoping to gain some love from the One who is feared

I sit here, shivering and hoping that on that day
Rasulullah SAW will not turn his blessed face away

I sit here; I ask, plead and beg 'Ya Allah!'
Make me not from those upon you have sent your wrath’

I sit here, close my eyes and listen to the Quran
‘Ya Allah, when I return to You, let it be with Iman’

I sit here and whilst wiping my tears away
I ask from Allah one thing, ‘Don’t let me go astray!’