Thursday, April 1, 2010


wah, sofast haa!!!! da seminggu berlalu. huh. hampeh!
bad week i think. half of this week are bad..too bad...y? because i have to RE-DO my assignment !!!!! yeah. i really love social science subject!!! flying kiss to u babeh!!! never mind. i like to do the same thing for many times. muahaha.

i dunnoe y i become like this? tension with my work. hurmm. only 1 work make me feel down. haish. but for the other works its ok. i really enjoy it.
( zaman kegemilangan english aku da muncul semula )

and this week i`m not a trainne teacher anymore, but i`m a panda!!! yes panda. have a big eyebag. (terima kasih kepada snek rocky dan choki2 yang telah mambantu saya dalam menyiapkan assemen..terima kasih banyak2. jasamu dikenang)

eyt, someone ask me. hurmmm. private question. i dont like. but i give her n him my best answer. guess what? "tolong jangan jd pakcik ngan makcik kain buley tak? " they do not i really be myself here or just make my drama. (ape drama drama ni..aku da lama x berlakon teater tau..rindu...)

ok. a little bit bout mr elephant n me. ekcelly, we just bestfren. not more than that. frankly speaking, i`m bored with this...that statement (couple)...we r not couple. we just fren. i admit that we r too close but please understand.. we r not more than that. both of us have our own reasons respectively. n we r different, have our own choice ok. i pray for him n of course he too! we just like twin lorh. (ellina male version) . n i really really hope that they will understand us.

ok. enough for today.